School Cleaning & Church Cleaning Services


School, Day Care, and Church Cleaning Services

We offer school, day care, and church cleaning services in Texas no matter the size of your facility.

·         School Janitorial Services

·         Day Care Cleaning Crews

·         Professional Church Cleaning Services 





School Cleaning in Texas

School cleaning in Texas from ALAMO CLEANING SOLUTIONS of Texas is always available when you need our professional assistance. Our franchise commercial cleaning company has owner-operators in designated areas to complete your school cleaning tasks.

We complete school cleaning assignments quickly and on time. Whether you need us to clean an elementary school, middle school, high school, or an institution of higher learning, we are ready to exceed your expectations by cleaning with the highest standard of excellence. Our professional team of ALAMO CLEANING SOLUTIONS cleaners can create a customized school cleaning schedule to ensure that the germs won’t return. Rely on us to improve the conditions of your learning environment today.


Child Care Facility Cleaning

No matter the size of your Texas child care facility, we have established methods that guide us in cleaning all areas in a timely manner. We go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. Germs can be easily transferred from child to child at child care facilities. ALAMO CLEANING SOLUTIONS disinfects as often as possible to kill germs before they even have time to form.

Teachers and educational staff members should be able to manage learning environments without worrying about the harmful effects of germs. We help you do just that! If you notice that bacteria are in or around your facility or that illness is frequently occurring, just give us a call.


Church Cleaning in Texas

We also offer services for church cleaning in Texas. Every religious center should be sanitized—this includes tabernacles, synagogues, church buildings and chapels. Let our professionals help you maintain a germ-free sanctuary so that everyone can enjoy worshipping in peace. We clean everything, from the pews and carpets to the pulpit area. Our church cleaning services add serenity and quality to any religious experience.

Our school and church cleaning services are available in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston